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All guests receive the highest level of care from our professional staff to make their stay with us safe and fun. We provide a constant rotation into our huge outdoor Play Land for plenty of supervised exercise and socialization that is included in the rate. We have beautiful hand crafted glass suites that are spacious, safe, and comfortable. There is no chain link or wire bars in our Resort. We charge by the night, giving you a full pick up day at no charge. we complimentary administer medication(s).

Please come in for a tour anytime during our convenient office hours.

Prices listed below are for your first dog. Additional dogs, in the same suite, are 50% Off.

Please note; that all one (1) night stays, in any size suite, will be billed at a flat rate of $45.00 (which covers 2 full days of day care plus the overnight care). Read more…

Large Suite (4ft x 5ft)……………………..$35.00 per night
(all outside play times are included in this price, Plus there is No Charge for the Pick Up day or administering Medications)
Grand Suite (5ft x 5ft)…………………….$40.00 per night
(all outside play times are included in this price, Plus there is No Charge for the Pick Up day or administering Medications)
Deluxe Suite (5ft x 7ft)……………………$45.00 per night
(all outside play times are included in this price, Plus there is No Charge for the Pick Up day or administering Medications)

*Please remember to Bring Food & Any Medications your dog needs, and if desired treats, blanket(s) or a flat mat
(no puffy beds), toys, or chews*

Doggie Day Care

Wiggles and Wags Pet Resort offers a large, safe, off-leash and supervised environment where our daytime guests can romp for hours both indoors and outdoors. Our experienced, trained staff will complete behavioral evaluations to assure that all personalities are perfectly matched. Play groups are kept small and matched based on multiple levels of compatibility (age, size, personality, play style, energy level, etc). so that you can be sure that your pup will have a fantastic and fun day playing with selected friends.
*Please note, that bully breeds are welcome here at Wiggles and Wags, but do not go in group play with other dogs. They do enjoy plenty of rotations outside one on one with a loving handler for playtimes.
We offer this Day Care service from 7:00am-6:00pm, Monday through Friday at the very affordable price of….. Read more…
$20.00 per day. To ensure a slot, Reservations are recommended.


Our experienced, professional staff will groom your pet with gentle loving hands that have helped all pure and mixed breed dogs overcome their inhibitions. Our goal is to make your pet healthy and happy and to make you a satisfied customer! Please understand that prices may vary due to size and grooming needs.

A Spa Bath includes a cleansing and conditioning shampoo treatment, nail clipping, ear cleansing, anal gland attention (if needed) followed by a towel wrap, cool air drying and a final hand brushing. Read more…
Starting at……..$20.00

A Salon Mini Groom is the full Spa Bath treatment above, a close shape and clip of your pet’s belly and sanitary areas and a scissor cut to the feet, tail and face. Read more…
Starting at……..$30.00

A Salon Complete Groom is a sculpted professional cut that begins with the full Spa Bath option above. You have a choice of either a breed standard cut or a modified cut to your specifications. This groom provides a shorter length which keeps mats and shedding to a minimum and keeps your pet cooler in the warm months. Read more…
Starting at……$45.00

De-Shedding reaches deep beneath the topcoat, using a FURminator and thinning tools, to gently remove undercoat and loose hair to reduce shedding up to 90%. Read more…
Starting at………$15.00

Additional Services are available upon request. These include; teeth brushing, rotary nail filing, hypo-allergenic or specialty shampooing.

Exercise Program

An exercise program for your dog provides a safe and effective way to have your dog get in great physical shape, lose a little weight, burn off some energy or just be in better general health. You will notice a difference in your pets’ behavior right away. Our trained technician will work out the best, supervised exercise regime with you for your dog using our new, Jog-A-Dog Model DC-6, canine treadmill. According to Jog-A-Dog ….“In order to really exercise your dog you need good, steady movement at the right speed. Maintaining a controlled trot is the best way to burn off excess energy and properly condition your dog.” You are welcome to stay and observe the workout. Read more…
Cost (for 15 minutes).…$15.00

Sports Training (Flyball)

Here at Wiggles and Wags we have a strong passion for the sport of Flyball. After decades of training, competing, performing demonstrations, and judging flyball, it was time to create a team of our own, The Barkinn Bandits was formed in January 2013.
We are a competitive flyball team, competing in 5-6 local tournaments each year.

Flyball Basics – races match two teams of 4 dogs. Racing lanes are side by side over a 51 foot long course. Each dog jumps 4 hurdles, catches a ball from a spring loaded box, and returns over the 4 hurdles. Once this dog has completed the course the next dog is released onto the course. 1st team to have all 4 dogs finish the course without errors wins the heat.

All breeds and mixes are welcome. The ultimate goal of The Barkinn Bandits Flyball club is to develop each dog and handler to the peak of their ability, as they become reliable teammates and part of our cohesive, fun Flyball team!

The total cost of the 6 week Flyball training course is only $125.00.
For more details including an overview of skills that you will acquire in the Flyball Classes, visit the teams website at;

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