Dog Sports Classes

The thrilling Dog Sport of FLYBALL !
Does your dog have extra energy? Aspire to train to a superior off leash level? A great option to consider is a dog sport. Training, competing, and participating with your dog at this level will enhance the relationship with your dog, on and off the field.

Here at Wiggles and Wags we have a strong passion for the sport of Flyball. After decades of training, competing, performing demonstrations, and judging flyball, it was time to create a team of our own, The Barkinn Bandits was formed in January 2013.
We are a competitive flyball team, competing in 5-6 local tournaments each year.

Flyball Basics – races match two teams of 4 dogs. Racing lanes are side by side over a 51 foot long course. Each dog jumps 4 hurdles, catches a ball from a spring loaded box, and returns over the 4 hurdles. Once this dog has completed the course the next dog is released onto the course. 1st team to have all 4 dogs finish the course without errors wins the heat.

All breeds and mixes are welcome. The ultimate goal of The Barkinn Bandits Flyball club is to develop each dog and handler to the peak of their ability, as they become reliable teammates and part of our cohesive, fun Flyball team!

The total cost of the 6 week Flyball training course is only $125.00.
For more details including an overview of skills that you will acquire in the Flyball Classes, visit the teams website at;

We do ask that all dogs must be non-aggressive, have basic obedience skills (comes when called), we can help you with everything else ! a love of tennis is very helpful but not needed.

If you want to take your training to the next level, please talk to Tammy about visiting a Flyball practice.

With extensive judging and training experience in dog sports, Tammy can show you how the dog sport of Flyball will build the relationship that you dreamed.

Call us today @ (480) 491-4040 to schedule!

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