Exercise Program

Wiggles and Wags Pet Resort offers an exercise program for your dog that provides a safe and effective way to get all that excess energy burned off. Whether your goal is to have your dog get in great physical shape, lose a little weight or just be in better general health then this affordable program is for you (Please see our Rates page). You will notice a difference in their behavior right away! While taking a long walk or romping in the Wiggles and Wags Play Land is a fun, social way to keep your dog active it may not be enough. A jog should do the trick.

According to Jog-A-Dog, manufacturer of the highest quality canine treadmills …. “In order to really exercise your dog you need good, steady movement at the right speed. Maintaining a controlled trot is the best way to burn off excess energy and properly condition your dog.”

Our trained technician will work out the best exercise regime with you for your dog using our new Jog-A-Dog canine treadmill. The treadmill is specifically designed for dogs to be safe and effective. Over 40 years of research and manufacturing have gone into developing the Jog-A-Dog, DC-6 model design (see photo above).  Here are some of the benefits of using the Jog-A-Dog treadmill:

  • Curbs unruly or destructive behavior.
  • Makes exercise more fun by adding some variety.
  • Develops muscle strength and stamina after surgery or for dog sports.
  • Gives more control over your pets’ exercise regimen.
  • Provides exercise even on those hot summer days or during increment weather.
  • Prevents obesity (weight loss is a key element in your pets health and happiness).
  • Improves your pets’ health, well being and longevity.
  • Makes it easier to find the time to properly work out your pet.

Due to busy schedules and other commitments sometimes it is hard to find time to properly exercise your dog. Even if we do walk them, sometimes it is not enough. According to veterinarian, Dr. Kurt Baumler of The Foothills Animal Hospital, the dangers of not providing adequate exercise can lead to many health risks including; heart problems, trouble breathing, diabetes, back pain, ACL tears, ruptured ligaments, hip dysplasia, joint pain, surgical complications, a compromised immune system, skin disorders and some forms of cancer.

Do you have an overweight dog?

It is known that health problems are more common in overweight dogs and that this condition directly affects longevity up to 2 years. How can you determine if your dog is overweight? You should be able to feel your dog’s ribs and shoulder blades and the waist line should be present. If you cannot easily feel his ribs or if they are covered by fat (or if you see a fat roll at the base of the tail) then your dog is at an unhealthy weight. Consult with your veterinarian. Once you have a diagnosis and know what your dogs’ current weight is and what it should be, let Wiggles and Wags Pet Resort assist you in putting together a weight loss program that is just right for your pet. During a free consultation we will discuss your pet’s needs, your schedule, proper nutrition and an exercise program that will put your dog on the road to a long, healthy life!

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