About Wiggles & Wags Pet Resort

Wiggles and Wags Pet Resort is family owned and operated. We provide homelike pet boarding with hand crafted tempered glass suites in a clean, secure, and fun filled atmosphere. Our goal is to provide your pet with comfort and support in a fun and caring atmosphere! Your pets are important to us and will be in good hands with our expert staff.


Tammy Wilson-Teeter is co-owner of Wiggles and Wags Pet Resort and a very hands-on one at that! Tammy manages all activities for our services in Boarding, Grooming, Training and Exercise Programs. She was owner/manager for one of the largest Boarding Kennel in West Georgia for 12 years before moving to the Phoenix area. Tammy was also a Vet Tech as well as a Surgery Tech in Veterinary Hospitals around Atlanta. This medical background prepares her to be able to handle most situations that can occur on any given day. Tammy is a Master Groomer who managed a her successful groom shop in Georgia. Her site study of wolf behavior has heavily influenced the 20+ years of successful behavioral dog training. In 2008 Wiggles and Wags Mobile Dog Training Service began rehabilitating 100’s of dogs in the Phoenix/Tempe/Chandler area. Tammy’s IACP accreditation also contributes to her status as a premier dog trainer in the Phoenix Valley. Tammy is also both a trainer and a rehabilitator for Arizona Happy Tails, a local dog rescue organization.
As a Certified Approved Judge for the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) Tammy travels nationwide to officiate these races. She has personally trained many champion dogs for Flyball as well as Disc Dog (Frisbee) competition where she serves as a Level 4 Judge for The US Disc Dog Nationals (USDDN).
Tammy’s most recent endeavor was to start her own Flyball Team. Creating The Barkinn Bandits Flyball Team began January 2014. As the owner, president, and Head Trainer, She is very proud of all of the teams accomplishments. The Bark Inn Bandits Flyball team is based in Tempe, Az (www.barkinnbandits.com).

Howard Teeter is co-owner and the business end of Wiggles and Wags Pet Resort. With 30 years of sales and marketing management experience in the technology sector, Howard focuses his attention on keeping customers satisfied through prompt communication, attention to detail, excellent customer service and following up on commitments. His business management skills were put to good use in starting up Wiggles and Wags , LLC in the Phoenix Valley developing the highly successful mobile training business and then expanding the operation to a full service Pet Resort. He is also a dedicated dog lover bringing their family ‘pack’ of six dogs to the Pet Resort every day to play with all the guest dogs. Howard has also served on the Board of Directors for Lost Our Home Pet Foundation, raced two family dogs (Ryp and Flag) on two area Flyball teams and attends sheep herding clinics with another family pup (Cutter) as often as possible.



Nina Teeter can be seen helping out at the Pet Resort after school and on weekends. Nina is in the sixth grade and has two passions in life; loving and caring for animals and swimming. Nina started riding horses when she was 2 years old and was a huge help with the training and care taking of the dogs in the family boarding kennel. She began handling dogs in Flyball and Frisbee sports competitions at the ripe age of 3 years old winning many trophies, ribbons and medals as a junior handler. Nina has recently surprised everyone with her swimming abilities and competitive spirit. As a member of the Swim Neptune swim team Nina has participated in several Arizona State Level Championships. in 2017 Nina is looking forward to swimming for her High School Team.


Our Dogs


Ryp, Black & White Border Collie, 2005

I rescued Ryp from some children throwing rocks at him while he was tied to a broken down, make shift dog house. After hours of persuasion, the owners surrendered him to me. I thought at that time that I had saved him, but he really rescued me too. Ryp is the most loving, sweet gentleman with the biggest heart. He will do anything to see me smile. Ryp gives me his all anytime we step out onto a field or into a flyball lane. Ryp has successfully competed in freestyle frisbee, taking 3rd place in Freestyle Frisbee at the World Championship games. He has shown off his tricks at countless Expo, Demonstrations, and Dog Events all over the country. He is a Crowd pleaser because he always has fun doing his job, and it shows in his bouncy playful attitude! Ryp’s other passion is Flyball.

Ryp Retired in 2016 but his incredible 16 years of sports has accomplished many awards, titles, and achievements. He has 10,164 points (and counting) with North American Flyball Assoc. (NAFA) winning these flyball titles; FD (Fly Ball Dog) and FDX (Fly Ball Dog Excellent), FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion), FDCH-S (Flyball Dog Champion Silver), FDCH-G (Flyball Dog Champion Gold), MBD (Multi Breed), MBDX (Multibreed Excellent), MBDCH (Multibreed Champion) MBDCH-S (Multibreed Champion Silver), MBDCH-G (Multibreed Champion Gold), FM (Flyball Master), FMX (Flyball Master Excellent. Ryp also holds over 860 points (and counting) with United Flyball League International (U-Fli) earning several awards and titles including Top Flight 1, Top Flight 11.

Ryp has some outstanding qualities that serve us well in any dog sport. He is consistent, dependable, and very reliable but it is heart that gets the job done!
Ryp has taught me a few things along the way about friendship, trust and strength and I feel lucky to have him in my life! We work very well together and enjoy showing crowds of people what teamwork looks like and that you can have fun playing with your dog. Ryp is an amazing boy that has given me more than love, devotion and dedication. He has my heart!


Flag, Border Collie, 2006

Flag’s mother developed a mammary infection when the litter was barely 2 weeks old. Somewhere in between all of the round the clock bottle feedings and care for him, a very strong bond was developed. My daughter Nina chose his name because of a white patch of hair located on his back in the shape of a racing Flag! We say he was born ready for Flyball! He is Nina’s best friend and loving companion. It is very heartwarming to see them together. Flag loves for Nina to use him as a pillow and snuggling up as close to him as possible.

Flag is a strikingly beautiful boy with an impressive sports career! He is extremely Fast and Powerful. Flag learns very quickly and enjoys our play times. He has shown off his tricks at countless Expo’s, Demonstrations, and Dog Events all over Arizona.

He is a crowd pleaser because you can see in his eyes passion and his intense love of the game. People love to meet him after a show. Flag loves the attention..he is happy to sit, for as long as it takes, to meet and greet everyone with a hand shake. Flag likes to be adored getting hugs and hearing fans tell him how pretty he is.

Although he has competed in Toss & Fetch Frisbee on a world Championship level his passion is clearly for life in the fast lane of Flyball! Flag began his Flyball career here in Arizona.

Flag has already accured 13997 points (and counting) with North American Flyball Assoc. (NAFA) winning these flyball titles; FD (Fly Ball Dog) and FDX (Fly Ball Dog Excellent), FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion), FDCH-S (Flyball Dog Champion Silver), FDCH-G (Flyball Dog Champion Gold), MBD (Multi Breed), MBDX (Multibreed Excellent), FM (Flyball Master), FMX (Fyball Master Excellent), MBDCH (Multibreed Champion), MBDCH-S (Multibreed Champion Silver), MBDCH-G (Multibreed Champion Gold) Plus Flag currently has been awarded 835 points (and counting) with United Flyball League International (U-Fli) earning several awards and titles including Top Flight 1, Top Flight 11.

Flag never lets me down. He always exceeds my expectations. He loves to play sports with me on any field. He is loving, extremely intelligent, devoted anda gorgeous boy! Flag is certainly an over achiever. We are thankful to have this awesome loving companion in our lives!


Jasper, Mix Breed, 2007

Jasper was adopted from an East Tennessee Rescue organization. Interesting story because he is the catalyst for Howard and I having the opportunity to meet.
Howard asked me to evaluate Jasper as a good puppy for him to adopt. Deciding to adopt Jasper meant extending Howard’s trip in order to acquire all the medical health checks needed for Jasper to board an air plane back to Phoenix.

Despite his rough beginning, Jasper is a fun loving, Happy, energetic fellow with a zest for life! He always makes us laugh out loud with his silly antics! He is a great companion, who is eager to please. He has just started his sports career, but has already accrued 158 points (and counting) with North American Flyball Assoc. (NAFA) winning these flyball titles; FD (Flyball Dog), FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent). Jasper is still learning the frisbee tricks and will be debuting them soon. We look forward to a long, happy and always fun life with Jasper. He gets the party started!


Cutter, Border Collie, 2006

While we were competing in Scottsdale, Arizona at The PetFest event, Howard was captured by this stunning Border Collie available for adoption at the Arizona Border Collie Rescue booth. We were drawn to Cutter because he had so much energy, herding drive and desire to work for tennis balls and Frisbees. We knew he was a gem. We took all of his strong herding drive and channeled it into an awesome sports athlete. Cutter is a fantastic Frisbee partner who aims to please on and off the field. Outside of Flyball and Frisbee competitions, Cutter enjoys long walks, bike rides, and hiking trips with us. Cutter does well in many things but his true passions are Sheep Herding and Barn Hunting (no animals harmed in either sport)! Cutter is breath taking to watch as he works sheep, and he is simply amazing at Barn Hunt. Howard and Cutter are a great pair! They have earned countless ribbons and Awards for Barn Hunting! They both LOVE it!

Cutter really loves to learn new tricks and show them off in front of large crowds that will cheer for him as he performs them at events, competitions and demonstrations. Here are a few locations that you may have seen Cutter … The Pet Expo, The Children’s Expo, Mesa Days, The Ahwatukee Easter Parade. Look for him on field near you.

Cutter is an amazing dog. He fits right into our family, home, and life of dog sports. Cutter excels in anything we ask of him. We were lucky to have found such a wonderful companion!


Kick, Border Collie, 2011

Kick is the first puppy that we did not rescue. He came from a close friend in Georgia with some very impressive herding lines. Kick is super quick at learning anything and has so much character and flare when he does his tricks. His favorite is to flip up in the air catching a Frisbee while still spinning. His endurance, speed and athletic ability is just amazing to watch. When no toys are around, he is super sweet and enjoys snuggling up as close as he can to you for some attention. Kick is small in stature, but don’t let his petite size fool you… he is a serious Fly Ball competitor! The crowd really seems to enjoy watching Kick race return and grab his floppy Frisbee while swinging him off the ground. Kick is the our anchor on the Bark Inn Bandits Fly Ball team. In a short time Kick has accrued 3,377 points (and counting) with North American Fly Ball Assoc. (NAFA) winning these Fly Ball titles; FD (Fly Ball Dog) and FDX (Fly Ball Dog Excellent), FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion), FDCH-S (Flyball Dog Champion Silver), FDCH-G (Flyball Dog Champion Gold), MBD (Multi Breed), MBDX (Multibreed Excellent). With all of his brains and talent, we look forward to seeing what all he can accomplish in the future. We are very thankful to have such an amazing dog like Kick in our family.


Fin, Tri Color Border Collie, 2012

Fin is part of an incredible Fly Ball family lineage. His parents are members of the Heatwave Fly Ball Team in Peoria. Fin is simply athletic perfection. He is very handsome, super affectionate and always wants to please. He loves cuddling and is known to whimper for hugs. Fin is very smart and learns very quickly. Once he has been taught a trick or task he readily performs it flawlessly. Fin is built for speed with incredible endurance making him Nina’s perfect partner in Flyball. Fin’s speed and reliability on the course has earned him a spot on The Bark Inn Bandits Team. So far he has already accrued 8259 points (and counting) with the North American Flyball Assoc. (NAFA) winning these titles; FD (Fly Ball Dog), FDX Fly Ball Dog Excellent), FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion), FDCH-S (Flyball Champion Silver), FDCH-G (Flyball Dog Champion Gold), FM (Flyball Master). We are lucky to have a wonderful dog like Fin that fits our family so well. He is simply amazing and we look forward to watching him achieve great things!


SPARK Border Coliie Born October 2014

Spark has it all .. brains, beauty, with incredible athletic ability, and endless endurance! Spark makes the flyball course look so easy and effortless!

We love him for his gentle and kind demeanor at home, his willingness to work hard, his strong loyalty, and eagerness to learn new things. Spark is a thinker, quickly figuring out exactly what is being taught, and then performing it to perfection.

Spark’s sports career begun with astonishing success, Entering into his first flyball Tournament in Mesa, AZ, August 22nd-23rd, 2015. It was a huge success! He was a rock star, racing both days, without any errors at all! Proving he was a solid competitor that the team can depend upon! Since that debut he has continued to achieve more titles and accomplishments a few are; FD (Fly Ball Dog) and FDX (Fly Ball Dog Excellent), FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion), FDCH-S (Flyball Dog Champion Silver), FDCH-G (Flyball Dog Champion Gold), MBD (Multi Breed), MBDX (Multibreed Excellent), MBDCH (Multibreed Champion), and FM (Flyball Master). We are excited to see what all accomplishments are in his future.

TURBO miniature Poodle born Feb 1st, 2015

In the sport of Flyball, the teams jump height is determined by the smallest dog on the team. This dog is called the height dog, and they are the most coveted player on the team. As The Barkinn Bandits grew and more dogs became tournament ready , we were in serious need of adding an athletic little dog… so my extensive search for a perfect candidate began and ended when I found “Turbo” at Kallista kennels. Turbo is super smart, very eager to learn, and loves to play tug games and chase after a tennis ball.. He is super cute and a full of personality! We love this loyal little man and see great potential in him as his flyball training continues. Turbo’s Flyball debut was 12/03/16 he was a success he accrued enough points to receive FD (Flyball Dog), FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent).. We look forward to cheering for and loving this incredible dog!


Below are Beloved, Past Pets That touched and guided our lives Greatly! They are missed!



Rusty Nickel “Nick”, Australian Shepherd, DOB Aug 1993- November 2010

Nick was given to me by an older couple that could not handle him. Once I took him home, I understood what they were saying. He was full of energy, always in full throttle! He constantly made me think about how to channel his energy, how to teach him to focus, keep his attention, and keep him engaged.

Nick had worked very hard to achieve many ribbons, titles, awards, and trophies. He had been featured in a booked titled Australian Shepherd Champions 1991-2003 published by Camino Books inc. Nick was first and I believe the only Australian Shepherd in Georgia that had earned a Flyball Master Excellent title. For many years Nick held the title of Georgia’s “high point dog” because he had accumulated more flyball points than any other dog in Georgia history!

He was certainly a champion but he was also my biggest supporter and my best friend. He never let me down, always exceeded my expectations, and accomplished all I had ever asked of him.

Someone once said that there will be a dog that enters into your life that changes everything… for me that dog was Nick! He taught me so much and altered the course of my life in many ways. He was my rock, my teacher, and my protector. I’m beyond blessed to have had the pleasure of his company through our journeys together.

Here are few of Nick’s accomplishments over our life together. He was a highly decorated and well loved companion!

Nick’s Titles: Agility NADAC Open Jumpers, Novice Versatility, Novice weavers, AKC Novice, Open standard agility, Open stock dog sheepherding, CGC Canine Good Citizen.

Nick spent much of his sporting career in the fast paced racing adrenalin of Flyball. Nick has accured 13,570 points with North American Flyball Assoc. NAFA winning these flyball titles; FD (Flyball Dog), FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent), FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion), FDCH -S (Flyball Dog Champion Silver) FDCH-G (Flyball Dog Champion Gold), FM (Flyball Master), FMX (Flyball Master Excellent). Nick also holds over 1640 points with United Flyball League International U-Fli earning several awards and titles including Top Flight 1, Top Flight 11, Top flight 111.



Annie, Black & White Border Collie, DOB July 2000 – November 9, 2011

Anni lost the battle with Cushing disease.  She was one of the most devoted dogs I have ever known! She had a rough beginning but did not let that slow her down, Annie became a Frisbee and Flyball champion, traveling all over the country competing and performing by my side. Annie was happiest on a field doing what she loved… chasing a tennis ball or catching a disc. She was an amazing competitor, Nina’s protector, a true and loyal friend, and we will miss her very much! We are beyond blessed to have had the pleasure of her company through our journeys together.

Annie’s history and accomplishments

Annie was surrendered to my rescue organization because her previous owners found her to be to hyper and too obsessed, but she was perfect for us! I was drawn to her for her love of a tennis ball, but I have gotten so much more than that! Annie is extremely smart, enjoys learning, she is very dedicated and devoted to us and always eager to please. This has made her very successful in all of the dog sports she has successfully competed in Agility, Frisbee, Sheep Herding,  However, her heart has always been in FLYBALL.

Annie has earned many points and titles some of those are; NADAC Novice Jumpers, Novice Versatility, Novice weavers, AKC Novice and AKC CGC Canine Good citizen award.

Annie’s passion was in the sports of Flyball and Frisbee. During her career she achieved many titles from The North American Flyball Assoc. (NAFA)   FD (Flyball Dog), FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent), FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion), FDCH -S (Flyball Dog Champion Silver).  Annie has earned herself these titles from The United Flyball League International (U-Fli). Top Flight 1, Top Flight 11, Top flight 111.

I believe Annie still holds the record the fastest flyball dog in Georgia. Annie competed multiple times in The Georgia State Frisbee championships as well as the World Champion Disc Competition. My daughter Nina and Annie won a 2nd Place and 3rd place Junior handler trophies at a National level for Frisbee. We love her most for being our devoted friend, a true companion, and a much loved member of our family.
We are truly thankful to have had her in our lives.

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